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Q:  I live out of state. How can I be more involved in my elderly mother’s care?

A:   An increasing number of Florida seniors have family members that don’t live nearby. Adult children will often call me and ask about services to help “oversee” their parent’s care. Many are looking for a way to check on them periodically, to ensure they are eating properly, taking their medications and getting to health-related appointments. And most are anxious to learn and understand the recommendations of their parent’s doctors.

Care Management

Care management is a suggestion I always offer to families who wish to be involved and informed, but are physically distant from their loved ones. A Care Manager (or aging life care professional) is typically a nurse, social worker or other type of healthcare worker that specializes in care for older adults and those facing ongoing health challenges. The Care Manager acts as a guide and advocate for families (nearby OR afar) who are looking out for their loved ones. Care Managers strive to help clients live their best lives, encouraging the individual’s independence while working to ensure their safety and security. Care Managers can advise adult children and caregivers with their extensive knowledge about costs, quality and availability of local resources.

When to Get a Care Manager

If a scenario below describes your loved one’s situation, it may be time to consider a Care Manager:

  • they have multiple medical or psychological issues
  • they are unable to live safely in their current environment
  • they are not pleased with current medical providers and require advocacy
  • they are confused about their financial or legal situation
  • they have limited or no family support.

Care Managers in Your Corner

Various family situations may also make care management a good option.

  • family is newly involved with care and needs direction about available services
  • family caregiver is either “burned out” or confused about care solutions
  • family caregiver has limited time and expertise in assisting their loved one
  • family members are at odds regarding care decisions

We all need an advocate at one time or another, to ensure our needs are met and our wishes are heard. With 24/7 availability, Care Managers can ensure your loved one is receiving personalized and compassionate service, while keeping an eye on costs and quality — and aiding communication between providers and families. For a free care management assessment, call 321-751-6771 in Viera.

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Lisa Conway is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Care Manager for Senior Partner Care Services, Viera.