Can I live at One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:53:31-04:00

One Senior Place is not a residential facility. However, we can help you explore your options. Our Living Options Showroom features information, literature, and photographs from a number of area living facilities across a variety of categories, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Memory Care. To see all area facilities, try searching our Directory.

It would be difficult for me to come to One Senior Place. Can you help?2019-05-02T09:52:13-04:00

Yes. For those who are homebound, don’t drive, or can’t visit One Senior Place, there are several options. You may contact us by phone or email or have a friend or family member visit on your behalf.

Where can I find out about all the events at One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:51:48-04:00

One Senior Place hosts many events including classes, seminars, presentations, health fairs, fundraising galas, senior groups and much more. For details, go to our calendar of events, and remember to check back frequently as new events are added every day. To keep up with the latest buzz, read all about it in our weekly posts, and don’t forget to request our free email newsletter.

What is free at One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:50:53-04:00

• Information – The Senior Resource Library at One Senior Place is free and open to the public. The website, an extension of the Library, is also free.
• Help and advice – All visitors to One Senior Place are encouraged to schedule a free initial consultation with an Aging Services Expert who will discuss your situation with you, answer your questions, and offer insights, suggestions, and referrals. If extended care management is needed, you may choose to contract for services directly with the independent professional care management located at One Senior Place. Those services are always optional. The Care Manager will clearly explain all available services and associated costs.
• Educational events, seminars, and Special Events – Virtually all of the many events at One Senior Place are free.  See next question…

How much does it cost to use One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:50:05-04:00

One Senior Place does not charge consumers. The independent businesses and providers at One Senior Place set their own fees. Some bill Medicare or Medicaid, and their costs to seniors, if any, are set by the government. Charges for private pay services are set by the individual businesses within the constraints of a competitive marketplace

What is an Aging Services Expert?2019-05-02T09:49:42-04:00

An Aging Services Expert is a health and human services professional such as a nurse or social worker with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and senior care. At One Senior Place, our Aging Services Experts work with older adults and their families to create a plan of care that meets the needs of the elderly client. An Aging Services Expert will meet with you to help you understand your loved one’s needs and to learn what resources and options are available to meet those needs.

How do I get started?2019-05-02T09:49:15-04:00

At One Senior Place, there are several ways to get the information, help, and services you need.

1) Come by and see us – If you live in Central/East Central Florida, visit one of our two locations

2) Pick up the phone – For information or to speak to an Aging Services Expert, call 321-751-6771, 407-949-6733, or toll-free 866-751-6771

3) Email us – click here

Where is One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:44:55-04:00

One Senior Place has two central Florida locations – one in Melbourne/Viera and a second location in Altamonte Springs (Maps). Most of the businesses located at One Senior Place serve at least the following areas:
• Tri-county Orlando area, including Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties
• Florida’s Space Coast, including all of Brevard County
• Treasure Coast including Vero Beach and all of Indian River County

What exactly is One Senior Place?2019-05-02T09:44:10-04:00

One Senior Place is a one-stop resource and information office for advice, guidance, and services for seniors, caregivers, and those approaching retirement. Walk in our doors and find a wide variety of senior-focused businesses, a Senior Resource Library stocked with helpful information and resources, plus a calendar packed with educational presentations and seminars as well as our legendary Special Events. One Senior Place also offers a free 30-minute consultation with an Aging Services Expert who can help you identify and connect with the solutions you need.

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