As a member of the One Senior Place family of providers, I share the core values that underlie the following ethical principles and standards. On behalf of my company and co-workers, I hereby pledge to uphold these principles and standards and to use them as a guide to the ethical provision of care, services and products, with the belief that my first responsibility and highest loyalty is always to our senior customers and their family caregivers.


I will support and defend the right of seniors to make their own decisions and choices.


I recognize and honor the inherent dignity of seniors.


I will act honestly, responsibly and in a trustworthy manner at all times.


I will practice within my area of competence and will meet or exceed all requirements for licensure, credentials, insurance, continuing education and competency.


I will do everything in my power to educate, inform, advise and serve the needs of the senior consumer.

Privacy and Confidentiality

I will at all times respect and protect confidential information.

Referrals, Disclosure

I will refer a client only to services and organizations I believe to be appropriate and of good quality. I will fully explain any business relationship I have with any service I propose.

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