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"One Senior Place is the best local resource for anything related to seniors. Their Nurse Care Manager, Karen Rowland is super knowledgeable and helpful!"
"very enjoyable"
-Julia E Marlow
"Assistance with future planning & care. Good information."
-Ella Corbett
"I have attended a few multi-week courses, as well as some events. I am always impressed by, and appreciate, the diversity of choices offered, the professionalism of staff and presenters, and always enjoy myself. Having snacks or lunch offered is a bonus. Thank you!"
-Paula Okolowicz
"Enjoy your services and the continuous updates. I have a question: Will there be a Shredding Event in Lk. Mary in January as in the past?"
-Max Intro
"For years One Senior Place has been an inspiration not only to our community but to our organization "Cape Canaveral Pen Women". We have the privilege of partnering with One Sr. Place highlighting authors, arts & crafts workshops, fund raisers, etc. They are a caring, professional group of people dedicated to bettering our senior citizens and inspiring young people as well."
-Donna Puglisi
"We at Alura Senior Living wanted to thank you and congratulate you for such an amazing event last Friday. Although we were not able to participate in the Chef competition, we still had a wonderful time, and it was a very successful day. 30 people registered to take a tour at Alura. I will be calling back everyone today to re-confirm their tours. Of course, we know that there is a percentage of people that will not be coming but even if we get 10 to come that would still be great. We moved one resident to our community due to the event last year and she is doing very well. She is enjoying our social activities and everything we have to offer here at Alura Senior Living."
-Yvette Jenkins
"Good morning ! I'm in Winter Park area in Orlando Florida. Thank you ! Very much, for such a great organization for us seniors. We have to keep growing and open up more locations in the Orlando area. We have lots of Spanish speaking languages in the Curryford area. They don't have a location to go, so they hang out at the supermarket called Sanranos. It's alot of seniors, in the Florida state."
"Went for a Tower Garden exhibit. Very nice and clean."
-Margaret Balbay
"Brenda Lyle the case manager at One Senior Place. One Senior Place is multi resource center on Douglas Ave. It is fantastic She is very knowledgeable and may be able to help Dolores get into some senior housing or assisted living and can help organize all kinds of lifestyle changes and needs. Call One Senior Place phone # is 407-949-6733"
-Michele Muskus
"On behalf of the Seminole Uni Serv Retired Teachers, I want to thank you for the fabulous tour you gave us and for all the valuable information you offered. Those who attended were amazed over all the services One Senior Place has to offer and many said your facility offered the information they have been needing. You may see many of them again if you have not already. Thank you!"
-Becky Dumes
"Always great"
-Pearle salvi
"One Senior Place has offered very relevant and timely information. The programs have been informative and presented by knowledgeable speakers. It is especially helpful for newcomers to the area to understand what is available for seniors in the area."
"An excellent facility for helping the community. Helpful and informative and their staff members are always welcoming. And the events that they have are extremely valuable for all involved!"
-Duncan Jay
"Kathleen Flammia is excellent. Office next to I-4 and Fairbanks. Found her through One Senior Place on Douglas in Altamonte Springs"
-Michael Leech
"Barbara Fradkin's help and guidance to all Seniors sets the highest standards. She's a national treasure!"
-Jerry Russell
"I love this place. Have been to many classes !! Niki is very helpful also !!!"
-Pat Tighe
"Everyone has been so helpful & encouraging. So far, answered all the questions we've had. Looking forward to getting back to activities if & when the virus eases"
-Carol Lagace
"Always relevant and reliable information for all seniors. An amazing concept"
-Laura Alexis Brannon
"Have enjoyed the activities I have participated in. Please bring back the monthly Craft Day!!! How about mah Jong??? I like the variety of activities offered."
-Gwen Sachnoff
"wish it was closer so I could come to more meetings, I live in saint Cloud and have the wonderful Parkinson 'disease. THE meetings I have come to I enjoyed and maybe even learned something! Always able to teach an old dog new tricks!"
-Nancy M. Wiegner
"A valuable and reliable resource for relevant and accurate information for all of us seniors!"
"I enjoy One Senior Place & have for a long time. I enjoy the sessions you offer & the services you offer. The virtual sessions are a great help. I live quite a distance from your facility, it is not feasible to drive there for an hour class/session. Thank you One Senior Place"
"I've enjoyed the few events I've attended and look forward to more. I like any pastime that gives me information and social contact with others. I'm a widower and now live alone so meeting and greeting new people and making friends is enjoyable."
-George Yeomans
"Chastity was very helpful over the phone regarding my inquiry about federally subsidized housing. She promptly forwarded the information needed to me as email. I appreciated her assistance."
-Helen Quinn
"For additional resources, One Senior Place in Altamonte is awesome. If you are leaning towards facilities, make sure you check the AHCA website for their recent inspections and health grades."
-Claudia Matos
"Very professional and knowledgeable. Friendly staff. Attended many seminars which have helped me."
-Myrtle Hensley
"My Parents and I meet a lawyer at Senior One and it was perfect. The place was very warm and Everyone was very nice. This is a place that has bit of everything for Seniors and others. THANK YOU for YOUR SERVICE"
-Richard Spencer
"Loved the experience! Had tea time with charter research, met some nice ladies. They also have a library with elder information"
-Andrea Grayson
"I’m very happy to join in all the wonderful things that one senior Place offers for us to enjoy."
-Wanda Rivera
"Very friendly but not able to help with my particular problem."
-Jeannine Stacy
"I am a cancer patient and my spouse and I are care givers. Our only outing is the senior center bingo and we are greatful for a few hours relief that the center gives us"
-George and Florence parsons
"Always a most pleasant experience in a great location with super friendly folks! Thank you!"
-Rita gaumer
"Very interesting and worthwhile classes that educate and exercise both mind and body. Thank you."
-Mary Mullikin
"Aloha, Deborah greeted us and explained the services offered at One Senior Place. God's blessings to you. Aloha"
-Rudy Pacarro
"My experience at one senior place has always been a positive one and I'm certainly happy to express this feeling. I've participated in computer classes and Parkinsons Discussion support groups and have found clarity and knowledge from each attendance. Thank you Dr Debra Beach-Craig"
-Debra Beach-Craig
"One Senior Place has many elder law attorneys within their building. If you give them a call they can hear your individual story and point in the direction of the one that may be best suited for your particular situation."
-Lisa Conway
"Amazing Senior and Caregiver Resource Center helping Brevard Seniors! The Staff are all professional and friendly and you can find any Senior related resources you need, all on one location. They have great seminars, events and programs. I highly recommend reaching out to them if you are in need of any Senior resources or information."
-Anna Layne
-Bill Stack
"Sandy with LTC was outstanding and so helpful to us! The Medicare symposium was very educational and worthwhile."
"One senior place is like a one stop shopping for all senior needs. I would suggest you call then for some answers to your moms needs. They were a wonderful help when I moved my mom here."
-Elaine Sanders
"Staff friendly and helpful. Classes and activities are great!"
-Janice R Close
"It had been a long time since we visited your location. We were much impressed how things had changed. We even attended your series of Attorneys Seminars. All were excellent and we learned much. You done good :) Thank you for keeping us seniors informed!"
-ro dusky
"Yes, indeed, visit One Senior Place on Douglas Road in Altamonte Springs. They are a wonderful resource for all kinds of information for seniors."
-Marcia Dittmaier
"Keeping current for ongoing events, health etc. is so vital in aging. I do appreciate all the updates, & participated when I could."
-R M Yarbrough
"You have made one senior place an interesting informative fun place to go. I’ve learned so much about so many things and met so many nice people there. Thank you so much and keep it up."
-Jackie Tschanz
"Go to One Senior Place on Douglas Avenue, closer to 434 than 436. They are an amazing help for all things related to Senior Adults (and their caretakers). They even helped me with a situation with my sister in NY."
-Janet Sue
"My husband George and I love Senior 1. Erin and Jill are tops and the singing is even better when Margot is there. What a great way to spend an hour on Wednesday mornings. We enjoy every minute and leave feeling energized.?"
-Irene Clark and George Hanzman
"One Senior Place on Douglas Rd, Altamonte Springs has some events, classes, Bingo, sometimes day trips -"
-Lindy S.
"My husband and I have gotten great information at One Senior Place -- found our elder law attorney at one of the talks, my medicare advantage plan agent it there, and my husband and daughter have saved a lot of money purchasing prescriptions through the Canadian Med Store. I recommend One Senior Place to friends any time a conversation comes up about something I know they can help with. They provide a great service."
-Mary Smart
"We loved the Holiday party. Best was Leo the Elf who, with his beautifully recited poem, gave us candy for a small donation for charity. Perfect."
-Irene Clark (Hanzman)
"The greatest !!! You provide an excellent service to the seniors in our community - very varied."
-Joan MacDonald
"Superb place to gather information whether it be for yourself or someone you know or another family member. Very helpful and there are a number of different services all Under One Roof I really do like that approach. I really hate having to run around and get different advice from different people all the time. Can be very confusing if you are new to it but they help you anyway they can. I would recommend it to anybody for themselves or a family member."
-Edward May
"Great Staff and Facilities"
-Kristen Gagne
"Parkinson's support and programs are GREAT!!!!!!!!!"
-Bill & Sylvia Krieg
"Great help for Seniors, great customer service . Thanks. I love your place."
-Rubby Botero
"Musical Minds on Wed. Is great!!"
-Dawn Snyder
"One Senior Place in Viera - they are great! They explained all my options so I could make the best decision. Highly recommend!"
-Saundra S.
"You appeal to all the different facets of being a senior, from the serious and informational to the entertaining to the educational to the just plain fun. Thank you."
-Jackie Tschanz
"Reach out to “The Senior Place” on Douglas Ave. in Altamonte Springs. They specialize in helping seniors with those types of things. God bless-"
-Carolyn Pepper
"I have enjoyed every event I have been able to attend"
-Joan Barco
"They provide important services for seniors, whether you're looking for information or simply to meet others for activities and fun. You can check out their monthly calendar online."
-Barbara Brown
"A good place for seniors yo go for most anything to do with agimg."
-Carl Jefferson
"The emailed info is very interesting to me. Although I only attend something on site about once a year, I feel you have created a great recourse, have wonderful vendors and staff. I do plan to attend your volunteer/job fair in April.Thanks, OSP!"
-Joe Dye
"Excellent source for different kinds of information for senior citizens, from lawyers to healthcare providers."
-Amy Williams
"Nick the Physical Therapist is wonderful!"
-Linda Guida
"What an awesome resource for the community! This building has several businesses inside, all are focused on the betterment of Seniors' lives!A one-stop resource center for Seniors."
-Suzanne Mathieu
"Have attended several great programs there per year and appreciate the variety of offerings.Attractive, friendly and clean atmosphere."
-Susan Field
"Being part of the resident businesses at One Senior Place extends our outreach arms to a wider audience. Their experienced professionals are great at sharing information to help the community understand what services are available to them, cutting the confusion and time for each person's searches. As a business, this allows them to also make sure that referrals received on our end are appropriate, and that a friendly person has already given them a good understanding of what we can do to assist. We are thankful to be a part of such an amazing group of professionals servicing the space coast."
-Kristen Claus
"Great place for information and finding resources to answer your questions. Regular seminars on multitude of topics. Also, ability to drop off old electronic items, working or not, is fantastic. Unfortunately, can't leave tv's."
"Whenever I need to find a handyman, attorney or need help with something else, I have called One Senior Place. All I need to do is change my schedule to fit with the offered programs and I will utilize the many services offered."
-(Micki)Priscilla Robbins
"I have attended many events and had several consultations. Each one has been a very good experience. From the staff ,vendors, and consultants everyone has been helpful and kind. I intend to keep using your services."
-Debby Shulman
"A great place for seniors needing info"
-Bob Starks
"Monday morning games have a warm, welcoming, and friendly group attending. We play Rummikub, hand and foot, Mexican train, and mahjong."
-Coney Islander
"One Senior Place is a good contact for volunteer info in the community, including for Meals on Wheels or driving another senior to a doc appt or grocery store. They're located at 8085 Spyglass Hill Rd, Melbourne (right off of Murrell)."
-Pete Goodreau
"My husband and I have always been treated very well with very professional, friendly and welcoming staff. We have attended multiple seminars and all have been very informative and fun. We are very thankful for One Senior Place and hope to enjoy many more events there."
-Debbie Tive
"Michelle Steffens is wonderful!"
-Chris Shepherd
"Programs are varied, informative, and lead by professionals in their areas. The staff is super friendly and cooperative."
"I have never had a poor or average experience at One Senior Place; whether it was attending a seminar, various tests offered, dealing with one of the businesses or just having fun playing cards. All of the staff and business personnel are courteous, pleasant and very helpful."
-Ruth Reese
"I like coming to one senior place it gets me out of the house thank u I wish I can do more but I have a walker an I can only walk so"
-Wanda Shannon
"Consultation with Brenda"
-Jane horne
"Outstanding Staff supporting many topics of interest to the Seniors and their Caregivers in Brevard County."
-Jerold “Jerry” Russell
"If you need help, you can get free advice from a licensed insurance agent at the One Senior Place resource center in Altamonte Springs; his name is Joe Santiago, he operates Medicare Plan Options, and his phone is 407-949-6723. (His web site:"
-Ned P.
"Bingo and the buffet lunch/snacks are great. Who is paying for the lunch ?"
-MaryAnn Schon
"We have been a proud resident business at One Senior Place for over 3 years. One Senior Place is a wonderful and unique venue that brings together professionals within different backgrounds in healthcare and non-healthcare to come together, network and add value to our local community and its seniors. The management team here at One Senior Place includes Don and Chris, vision leaders who recognize the tremendous value of bringing resources together, networking, and helping the seniors in our community. The front desk staff to include Katelyn and Vanesa are always courteous, accommodating, and professional while working with resident businesses and all guests that walk in. If you are lookin to find resources within our local healthcare community, then you must stop by One Senior Place today!"
-Ignacio Quinones
"Enjoy the various activities I participate in, as well as the various events. Great that all the resources are in one location."
-Gwen Sachnoff
"OSP seems to cater to those in their 80's and 90's. Great audiologist in Jaysee! Seniors are defined by 55+. I am 76 and feel that most of the activities are not suitable for my age group."
-Howie Appel
"You helped me with my ex-husband. He died in the meantime."
-Irmtraud McIntire
"Go to One Senior Place on Spyglass Hill Rd they have options and people to speak with about your situations."
-Regina Anderson
"Great help for Seniors, great customer service . Thanks. I love your place."
-Rubby Botero
"One Senior Place (OSP) is an information resource center & educational program venue for seniors and their care providers. In addition to a friendly & helpful front desk staff cheerily greeting you upon entrance into the building, OSP provides office space for representatives of over a dozen seniors-oriented companies, programs & services, such as low-cost Canadian pharmacies, health & wellness programs, Medicare supplement plans, transition & nursing home info, and more. Their resource library offers access to hundreds of publications explaining SSA and Medicare programs, along with a myriad of Federal, State, Local and non-profit services. On top of the DIY resources, OSP hosts lectures, seminars, entertainment, & recreational programs throughout the week--participate in low-impact flexibility classes, learn about Veteran benefits, take the AARP 55+ Safe Driving for Seniors course (and get a reduction on your auto insurance premium!), join a choir, learn to play the castanets.....the list goes on. This is an outstanding resource available, free of charge, to Central Florida seniors, those who care for seniors, and those too-soon-to-be seniors! There's handicapped parking at the front of the building, and adequate general parking on the property. The building itself is a clean, brightly lit, easily navigated modern one-story building with bathrooms, water fountains and comfortable seating for you to relax while you research."
-Jeff Cashatt
"Would like more options for assistance for seniors. For example, small class on android use, apps, portals. How to get less expensive legal aid or access to reputable attorneys / accountants. List of really good attorneys, local geriatric physicians, physical therapists for seniors, reliable home health companies, etc."
-Sherrye Parr
"One Sr. Place has always been a powerful positive force in the community. Not only do these professionals share knowledge, but provide workshops and seminars for our senior citizens. Truly inspirational!"
-Donna Puglisi
"Viera Insurance Profesionals are great!"
-Carol Fox
"Great seminars there really enjoy going with friends"
-Joanne Adamo
"Want to go back again and see more places in there."
-Cathy Halter
"Very happy with the staff and their interaction during my 2 hour session I had with everyone I interacted with today!!"
"J. and I both want to thank you, Eden, for providing us with lots of good senior living options to consider. While we are looking down the road, one never knows how things will change. You have helped us to prepare for that day. We still have more “shopping” to do but again, thank you for your time and your knowledge."
-Joyce W.
"Every event that I have attended has been great! I just wish that you would schedule more events in the afternoons since I'm not a morning person. Thanks!"
-Patricia Senft
"My husband was feeling a little overwhelmed when it came to helping his mom with everything from insurance to VA benefits, so I suggested they go to One Senior Place. They are SO glad they did. They met with Brenda who was knowledgable and helped set up appointments. She also is going to review some long-term care policies and give her feedback, which is a huge relief to all of us. If there's a senior in your life who needs some advice, I'd highly recommend going there! It truly is a one-stop resource!"
-Samantha Taylor
"Great events, friendly staff."
-Carmen Luz Cleare
"Call One Senior Place in Viera for referrals. They have a ton of information and it’s part of what they do."
-Kyle Andrews
"everyone is always nice and very helpful with any questions I may have."
-Tim Mercer
"Wonderful workshops and greatstaff!"
-Geri Stephenson
"Company sponsored Retirement Open House for employees"
-Shanti Brasington
"Great one stop-shop area for senior citizen related activities and products."
-Valu Quest (Valuquest)
"I liked coming to the events, as they were very great and educational, but age and Parkingtons will not let me be part of it anymore!"
-Nancy M. Wiegner
"Wonderful meeting with the Elder attorney very helpful"
-Larry Fowler
"Every seminar I have attended has been very informative and beneficial."
-Jan L. Hardy
"I went to one of their free seminars about creating a Last Will and Testament. Very informative!"
-Debbie C
"Welcoming place. Friendly staff. Great classes. Professional guidance in offices. Opportunity to meet people. Clean, bright environment. Trivia hour is super."
-Irene Clark George Hanzman
"Loved the gem class on Thursday."
"Would like to express my appreciation for the, probably, volunteer staff, business and org sponsors and those that showed great classic cars for Your “Men’s Day” at oneseniorplace. It was obliviously well planned, well sponsored, and had passionate volunteers for the event. It was my first visit to the senior center and for such a well attended event, it couldn’t have went smoother. Btw, I saw the notice of the event on Monday 6/24 in the Hometown News."
-Richard Thorpe
"I love all of the programs that are offered. I am so happy that I found it . It has had a wonderful impact on my life and I share about the center all the time. I would like to see more computer courses."
-Linda Robinson
"Wonderful resource for our 55+ community. I send people there that I work with all the time and I am a 55+ specialist in real estate."
-Nancy Bartlett
"much better than P.T. that you pay for"
-Richard schoonover
"Great help for Seniors, great customer service . Thanks. I love your place."
-Rubby Botero
"My husband and I have attended classes and made an appointment with Brenda for information regarding places to live."
-Irene Clark
"Welcoming staff. Excellent classes on driving, tai chi, singing, trivia. Professional help available in offices, free, I think. Clean facility, artfully decorated. A great place to meet people."
-Irene Clark
"As a Senior & disabled I really look forward to all that you put on the computer for me & others."
-Cheri Ferreira & Cherilynn S. Ferreira
"everyone is always nice and very helpful with any questions I may have."
"One Senior Place has a lot of helpful people all in one place. I'd start there."
-Katelyn Porter
"Thank you for the resources you offer to the Senior community members. During our recent visit with Barbara, we received a wealth of information and felt comfortable and confident in the path we've chosen to follow with Mom's future. Thank you muchly for the outstanding resource you provide to our community. Appreciated Barbara's insight and knowledge."
-Barbara and Bruce Camody
"Great place love the bingo"
-George Parsons
"Starting with Niki and everyone at Senior Center and activities...I rate it all a 10."
-Pat Tighe
"I have stopped in One Senior Place a few times and have always been greeted with the warm, friendly staff. Recently I attended an event and was able to meet more of the staff and learn about all the wonderful programs and assistance available. Angie is over the top helpful and very knowledgeable and passionate about her position with One Senior Place"
"One Senior Place has a lot of helpful people all in one place. I'd start there."
-Josh McCoy
"No matter what question I have asked on behalf of seniors, One Senior Place always had the answer. Besides being super helpful, the front desk and staff are really friendly, too."
-Joyce W.
"Great place to join in Bingo and other events."
-Carmen Cleare
"I would actually go to One Senior Place and let them know you are thinking of changing and considering Freedom… let them get you to someone who can evaluate all the reputable providers. They are on Spyglass just East of Murrell. Nice people…. All about Seniors!"
-Janet H.
"I went over to One Senior Place on Spyglass. They were VERY helpful. They even set everything up for me."
-Sandra Hamilton
"Staff is friendly and care about our questions and concerns. I love the speakers and topics, BINGO and movies. The atmosphere is beautiful and open to all seniors. Could there be small day trips involved?"
-Rita Hewett
"One Senior Place is a great resource center for seniors, with outstanding customer service and knowledgeable staff."
-A K
"like this as I can learn lots, just wish it was not so far from home!"
"If you've never experienced One Senior Place before, it can be hard to wrap your head around exactly what the organization DOES, but once you walk in the door, you totally get it. When I needed guidance and advice about my aging parents and in-laws, I met (for FREE, don't forget) with a case manager who patiently answered every question I had. We were looking for senior-living options, and I left One Senior Place with several outstanding referrals and contacts at communities that were most likely to fit our needs and budget. It took all the guesswork out of an otherwise daunting process, and One Senior Place offers the same great guidance for Medicare/Medicaid, estate-planning, financial-planning, and so much more. It's always informative and never salesy. I can't recommend it enough."
-Chip Colandreo
"Great help for Seniors, great customer service . Thanks. I love your place."
-Rubby Botero
"Our family had the pleasure of attending a seminar at One Senior Place, we had an outstanding experience! Everyone was professional& extremely helpful, filled with a wealth of information, that was invaluable to assist in the care of yourself, or a family member, friend in need of services. I am a medical professional, and found this location to be the key to assisting in proper Senior care. Thank you to Everyone we had the pleasure of meeting, Kaitlyn front desk, Sarah- Hoyt law firm, Patricia- member service, Chris -Director. Blessings for all the great work, you are all doing as a team!"
-Phyllis Roye
"One senior place is a wonderful resource hub for seniors and business professionals! I love working with everyone there and always can count on them for Senior resources."
-Danielle Zivo
"I took a balance course there and loved it. Instructors were knowledgeable."
-Paula Okolowicz
"Try One Senior Place on Douglas Ave in Altamonte Springs, 407-705-2042. I've not had any luck trying to get help for Senior Citizens from Seminole County Government. One Senior Place can find sources for Elder Law attorneys such as Kathleen Flammia wills, estates, powers of attorney, etc."
-Michael Leech
"Every time I go to one senior place I feel welcome and appreciated. I have learned a lot from the different lectures, and enjoyed the different activities."
-Debby Shulman
"Good morning ! I'm in Winter Park area in Orlando Florida. Thank you ! Very much, for such a great organization for us seniors. We have to keep growing and open up more locations in the Orlando area. We have lots of Spanish speaking languages in the Curryford area. They don't have a location to go, so they hang out at the supermarket called Sanranos. It's alot of seniors, in the Florida state."
-Katelyn Porter
"There are so many resources offer in one place! Who could ask for more? Yet there are lectures and lunches, fun activities, and friendly socialization. I just love this place and the staff❣️ Thank you"
"People in charge are so friendly and make you feel at home. I went to a craft experience twice and I had a wonderful time. Two Barbs and Audrey, wonderful people."
-Carol Bokinz
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-Lelirula Thata
"We are so grateful for all the seminars and screenings that are offered by One Senior Place. We have gained knolwedge about Medicare, trusts and estates, real estate , taxes, and even nursing home and assisted living expenses. We have also participated in valuable screenings for lover, veins, memory, and hearing. This is an invaluable resource for everyone, not only seniors!"
-Geri Stephenson
"The emailed info is very interesting to me. Although I only attend something on site about once a year, I feel you have created a great recourse, have wonderful vendors and staff. I do plan to attend your volunteer/job fair in April. Thanks, OSP!"
-Joe D.
"Senior Partner in the One Senior Place building on Spyglass Hill Road are very good."
-Janet H.
"Good services"
-Mitchell1 Wallick
"I always feel very welcomed everytime I walk through the door.I have learned a lot from going to the events and will continue to go in the future."
-Pearle salvi
"Cordial and interesting people and seminars"
-George Yeomans
"I believe the receptionist at the front Tracy, she did qn amazing job answering our questions and had so many information and documents geared towards our needs. 5 stars!"
-Deirdre Levine