Q: I’d like to volunteer somewhere –maybe a school. Do they take seniors? 


A: Volunteering does a body good! Apart from the very real physical benefits, volunteers of every age report greater satisfaction with their lives. Meaningful opportunities for giving back are even more important to older adults. Every day in the U.S., 10,000 people turn 65. And one out of every five is a volunteer.

Forbes magazine suggests asking yourself a few questions before volunteering: Do you wish to be a mentor to a specific person, or would you be happier supporting a larger community effort? How well does the opportunity aligns with your skills and schedule? How long will the commitment last?

For those not quite sure what they would like to do, will instantly generate a list of organizations in your area seeking volunteers. Just enter your city or zip code! The website also includes hundreds of virtual opportunities that don’t require your physical presence — for projects from language assistance to prayer needs.

Public and private schools are always grateful for the help of volunteers. Applicants must pass a rigorous background check, to ensure the safety of students. Primary schools in particular may be looking for volunteers to:

  • Read to young students
  • Help teachers in their classrooms
  • Tutor/mentor children in specific subject areas
  • Help with events or school productions
  • Help school librarians
  • Chaperone field trips
  • Assist with various short-term projects

Not all school volunteering means direct interaction with students. You might help with the local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), assist with school fundraisers, or lend a hand with administrative or campus maintenance tasks.

Beyond the physical red brick school, there are volunteer programs like Eldera, which connects individuals over the age of 60 with students who could use help with their homework. The global virtual village matches mentees of varying life experiences with students aged 13-18.

On the Space Coast, the Legacy Club encourages active seniors to consider volunteering for Brevard Public Schools, or joining a mentorship program (or the Vets Back to Class initiative) to make an impact on local youth. As an added benefit, seniors over 65 receive free admission (space available) to school athletic events, musical events and theater performances. Interested seniors can check out

Whether it’s in a school, on a virtual platform, or out in the community, volunteering can be motivating and rewarding– for everyone involved. Got a question for The Experts in Aging? Visit or call 321-751-6771 in Viera.

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