I recently came across this article that explains the crisis many seniors and their children have to bear due to current health care laws and regulations. The sad reality is that many seniors who can no longer care for themselves end up moving in with their adult children due to the high cost of senior living. This not only puts a burden on the children but can take a toll on the whole family. Plus, there are simply not enough advocates out there who know the system and how to help these families.

Sandra Levitsky, a sociologist at the University of Michigan has a theory about why long-term is not widely considered a political issue. Levitsky found that the lack of attention for long-term care and the fact that it’s mostly held behind closed doors, makes it hard to be seen as a time sensitive issue. Read further about the current and future state of our long term care system here: https://bit.ly/2JAzvz7

We know for sure that a serious healthcare reformation needs to take place. While this will takes time and effort from all parties, other efforts from those that provide additional help can make a true difference in the lives that need it most. If you or your senior loved one has shown signs of decline, it may be time to consider all options of care. Keeping them at home as long as possible is of course the number one priority and for many, moving in with their children while they are still pretty mobile is a perfectly viable option. However, for those that need extra care and attention, a senior living community can be a great fit to receive this extra care with the opportunity to make new friends.

As a senior advisor with North Star Senior Advisors, we have seen families in all walks of life that simply need guidance into the world of senior living. Of course you can go at it on your own but there are so many factors often missed that a senior advocate will be sure to include or ask upon your behalf.

For starters, we are completely unbiased when it comes to what senior living community we would refer you to in the Central Florida area. That is, of course, the ones we have personally toured and where we would place our own family. Since we personally tour each and every community we partner with, we get to know the culture and staff so that way we know what would be best for mom or dad based on the assessment we conduct on them. After we gather all the details, we will attend the tour with you and make sure all questions are answered as a secondary support system. And one thing we NEVER, EVER do, is give out your information to communities without your permission. This is such a big no no that we hear other larger senior placement communities are doing to make a quick buck.

Also, our services our complimentary to the families we help as we receive payment from the assisted living you choose to move into. We also show at least three communities we feel are best tailored to your loved one’s interests and preferences.  We facilitate the entire move in and follow up to make sure they absolutely love it.

Here at North Star Senior Advisors, we like to do things differently to truly guide and support our clients going through this sensitive time. The health care system may be broken and in need of some serious changes, but every little support and voice helps as we try to make a difference in the lives we touch.

If you or your senior loved one is looking for resources and information on senior living or guidance in general through this process, visit northstarsa.com or please call us today at 407-796-1582  for a free non-obligatory consultation.