Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, and the Florida Department of Financial Services want to educate seniors on how to avoid fraud and scams this year, with a new Operation S.A.F.E. Be Scam Smart video series, now available online. Designed for seniors, their families and caregivers, these financial safety videos will cover topics such as scams, identity theft, annuities and reverse mortgages. These videos teach viewers how to spot fraudulent behavior, recognize common scams that target seniors and provide tips on how to fight identity theft.

It is an unfortunate fact that one in five seniors have experienced some kind of financial exploitation. Scam artists are aware of the high number of seniors in Florida and think they make an easy target. This video series will provide seniors and their loved ones, with tools and resources to identify scams and actions to take if they have become a victim of financial exploitation.

To view the first two videos in the series, as well as financial safety tips and information for seniors, please visit, Four additional videos in the series will be available by the end of March 2021.