Now through December 8, 2021, Altamonte Family Hearing invites you to participate in a special “Hear for the Holidays” promotion.

One lucky person will WIN a FREE premium set of Signia 7AX T rechargeable hearing aids!

To be eligible to win simply call 407-949-6737 and schedule a free hearing consultation with Altamonte Family Hearing at One Senior Place. Each person who completes a hearing evaluation by December 8, 2021 with qualifying hearing loss will be entered into the drawing. The winner of the free hearing aids will be chosen LIVE on Facebook on Friday, December 10, 2021.

Watch this short video for “Hear for the Holidays” promotion details:

Here’s what you can expect from a hearing consultation at Altamonte Family Hearing:

  1. Hearing Analysis: We will perform a visual examination of your ear canal, evaluate your current hearing abilities and determine the type of hearing loss you may have.
  2. Lifestyle Discussion: We will ask you about the types of sound environments you frequent, which will help us understand the level of technology best suited for your lifestyle.
  3. Hearing Aid Options: We will show you the hearing aids that are best suited for your hearing loss and type of lifestyle.
  4. Budget Discussion: We will help you narrow down your choice of hearing instruments based on the investment you are comfortable making.

For more information or to schedule a free hearing evaluation call 407-949-6737.


Jaysee A. Soto HAS, BC-HIS, Owner of Altamonte Family Hearing, began his career in Audiology in 2013 in West Palm Beach, FL. After receiving his state licensure as a Hearing Instrument Specialist, he worked diligently to obtain his National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. His passion for reconnecting others to the sound of life is the driving force to providing his patients with the highest quality hearing healthcare solutions.

After several years of working with leading industry manufacturers and helping hundreds of patients reconnect to their loved ones, Jaysee proudly opened Altamonte Family Hearing to help treat the hearing impaired in his local community. He incorporates his love and understanding of technology to program the clearest hearing instruments available.

Jaysee and his wife, Grace, are residents of Altamonte Springs and Altamonte Family Hearing is a family owned local small business. When you support a local small business you help improve your community, you support a local family (as opposed to large corporations), and you work directly with the business owners who will put your best interests at heart and help improve your quality of life.