Senior Living could be a great option when the time may come that you or your loved one needs additional care. With 200+ assisted living facilities to choose from in the Central Florida region, several questions come to play. How do you know which facility is best suited for you? Who is appropriate for Assisted Living? How much is it? What license does the community need to have to accommodate the level of care of your loved one short term, and long term?

Expert Advice

Expert advice from a trusted Senior Living Advisor like North Star Senior Advisors will answer all of these questions, guide you, work as your advocate, and help you locate the best facility at an affordable rate. Someone on your side to educate and navigate through the complexity of selecting an appropriate facility will save you time and help lessen the burden of doing this alone.

Are they local to your area and certified? 

It’s also important to work with on the ground local advisors who are CORE trained with ample experience in this industry.  Your Senior Advisor should meet with you to conduct an assessment to better understand you or your loved one’s level of care and personal interests. This will help determine what community is best suited for you or your loved one. After narrowing down search options, they should accompany you on tours, so you are not ill guided or misinformed.

How they are paid

One misconception we hear often is that working with a Senior Placement Advisor will only show you communities they partner with and drive the cost up due to fees paid to us by the Senior Living Facilities. This is not true as we are completely unbiased and partner with all communities we have personally toured and made sure are free of abuse and neglect. Payment comes from the facility YOU choose, and we have even been able to get some communities to waive fees or lower the monthly rate quoted.

North Star Senior Advisors

North Star Senior Advisors has been in business over 5 years based in Central Florida and all of our advisors are CORE trained and Certified Dementia Practitioners. We have a nurse on staff to conduct a clinical assessment and accompany you on tours to make sure all questions are answered, even the ones you might forget to ask!

Here is a list of the 6 type of facilities and the average monthly cost:

  • Independent Living Facility (ILF) – $2900
  • Assisted Living Facility (ALF)- $3200 plus level of care
  • Memory Care (MC)- $3350-$5500 plus level of care
  • Residential Care Homes- $2500-$3200
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) – $6000-$8000
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC’s) Buy in Cost- $100k-$400k with $2000-$4000/monthly service fees

Contact a Senior Living Advisor at 855-448-STAR (7827) or visit to tour or learn more about one of the above communities.