Several factors help to promote healthy aging, commonly known as eating a well balanced diet, exercising daily, and one of the most important, avoiding isolation. Having a strong, supportive group of friends can largely influence you to live a longer and prosperous life. Of course, we all know the older we get, the harder it is to engage in social activities and keep/make friends.

Experts say remaining connected with friends and family will most likely keep you on track towards a healthier lifestyle and push you to get health check ups and other self related care.

In fact, one study suggests that loneliness increases your chance of stroke or coronary heart disease by 30% while feelings of social connection can strengthen the immune system and lower levels of anxiety and depression, ultimately leading to a longer life.

However, due to reasons beyond our control, many seniors find their social circle lessening. A friend may move away to be near their adult children or retire or relocate to warmer areas. To offset these changes, it may be a good idea to explore these activities:

  • Programs for older adults at a fitness center or the YMCA
  • Book clubs at the local library
  • Volunteer at a local museum
  • Senior groups at church or other religious gatherings
  • Other areas of interest like gardening clubs

Moving to a senior living or assisted living community is another way to increase your socialness! Residents will soon find friends who support and comfort one another through ups and downs of retirement. These communities offer an abundance of enrichment programs designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit and keep you active so you can live out your golden years in a long and prosperous manner.

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