Q: I want to age in place at home. Can care management provide some support?

A: As a Certified Care Manager, I often consult with clients and their families on this topic. Aging in place with care management allows individuals to remain in their homes (wherever that may be) and receive the necessary support they may need to maintain their quality of life. The care management approach prioritizes independence, safety, comfort and familiarity, while also addressing the evolving needs that come with aging. So how can care management work to support independent aging? Let’s take a look.


The care management journey begins with a thorough assessment. This includes a look at your health, safety, finances, and any legal considerations. Working closely with you and your family, the care manager will incorporate the assessment findings and your wishes into a personalized care plan that outlines the specific services and care you need.


What care managers can do

— The care manager can coordinate any needed home modifications, such as the installation of grab bars, wheelchair ramps, increased lighting etc. They may also suggest assistive devices such as walkers or canes to help prevent falls, or offer suggestions for technology solutions to enhance safety and independence.

–The care manager can offer healthcare coordination by managing medical appointments, medication and other healthcare needs, which can become increasingly complex as we age. They advocate on your behalf, ensuring appropriate medical care and support.

–The care manager can coordinate all needed care. If you need assistance with transportation and errands, they can arrange that. If hands on care is required, they have caregiver resources to assist with activities of daily living (showering, dressing, meal prep, etc.).

–The care manager can serve as a valuable liaison between busy families, doctors, hospitals, rehabs, lawyers or other third-party providers. A central point of contact, care managers advocate, educate and advise.

–The care manager can guide you through the journey to a senior living community, if staying at home is not desired or appropriate for your situation. Your care manager can still provide services in your new location or wherever you choose to call home.


The care management approach prioritizes independence and quality of life. For many people, the dedicated support of a care manager is key to aging in place with confidence. Learn more when Nurse Lisa is joined by nurse care managers for Senior Health Friday, March 8 at One Senior Place in Viera. RSVP online at or call 321-751-6771.


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