Barbara Fradkin – Hometown News

I often attend your programs at One Senior Place. What’s the latest?

Nurses! Nurses are knowledgeable, compassionate and great listeners. Consistently, nurses rank first in Gallup’s annual poll of most trusted professionals. So, One Senior Place is launching a monthly program on Senior Health issues with our own registered nurse and Certified Care Manager, Lisa Conway! We have had many requests to discuss more issues of health and wellness and Lisa is very qualified to talk on these subjects. “Senior Health Friday” events will also complement our popular “Ask the Doctor” series.

As we age, people experience health issues ranging from minor problems to serious disease. An estimated 25 percent of adults aged 65 and older have Type 2 diabetes! What about hearing loss (or for men- selective hearing!)? Our vision declines and the risk for some types of cancer also increases with age. Geriatric syndromes such as these are seen more in older, frail people — yet they affect countless people in their 60’s and 70’s as well.

“Quality of life” is so important! Chronic conditions can affect your ability to socialize and be physically active — and you may lose the ability to take good care of yourself.  Learning about and addressing these issues early will enable healthier aging.

Not everyone is comfortable talking with their doctors, which can mean a costly delay before physicians realize what is really happening! Proper health management starts with education and communication. It can help you not only feel better, but perhaps even live longer.

Healthy aging is more than preventing problems. It’s also about spotting and addressing them before they drag you down and take away your independence. So, join us for Senior Health Friday with Nurse Lisa on the second Friday of each month. Lisa has some great topics planned and you will have lots of time to ask questions. In the meantime, do something you enjoy, eat that last piece of cake, and maybe learn a foreign language.  L’Chaim!


One Senior Place is a marketplace for resources and provider of information, advice, care and on-site services for seniors and their families. Questions for this column are answered by professionals in nursing, social work, care management and in-home care. Send questions to or visit One Senior Place, The Experts in Aging at Barbara Fradkin is a Social Worker, Certified Care Manager and the Director of One Senior Place, Viera.