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Reader question: How do I move my elderly parent from another state?   

Answer: The moderate climate, abundant outdoor activities and tax advantages all make Florida a popular state for retirement.

According to the Florida Assisted Living Association, Florida’s 65-and-over population is expected to double in the next 20 years.

A little planning on your part will help make your parent’s move to the Sunshine State much easier.

Money matters

While your parent may not have to worry about finding employment, they still have to consider their overall financial health.

Central Florida has one of the most expensive rental markets in the entire United States — including over-55 living.

The average one bedroom apartment is more than $1,200 per month.

When compared to the average Social Security check of $1,503, that means seniors relying on Social Security will have to allocate most of their resources to housing.

Low-income seniors who are seeking affordable housing through HUD subsidies will find a shortage of available apartments with long waitlists.

Sadly, it is nearly impossible to move to central Florida and move into an affordable apartment immediately.

Seniors interested in a retirement community or independent living will find an abundance of options — at an average price of $4,000 per month.

Care facility

If your elderly parent needs to move into some type of care facility, you will need to find a suitable location, obtain a physician certification form and arrange transportation to get him or her there.

If Medicaid is needed, please know that a person needs to be a Florida resident before applying.


If your parent is looking to purchase a home, the real estate profession has specialists for seniors.

These individuals specialize in properties for senior needs and can navigate the unique challenges of the retirement home search.

The move

As for the physical move, consider help from the National Association of Senior Move Managers (

This group specializes in moving seniors. Members across the U.S. can help your parent downsize, plan an estate sale, sell their property, pack their treasures and move them to their new Florida home.

Upon arrival

Give some thought to the transportation options at your parent’s new location, especially if they are no longer driving.

And if your parent has a Medicare health plan that is specific to one region, you may need to change their health plan once they get settled.

Moving your parent from another state can be tricky. Luckily, One Senior Place has free resources to help you every step of the way. Call toll free to 866-706-9386 to schedule your free consultation, or visit


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Brenda Lyle is a Certified Care Manager for One Senior Place, Greater Orlando.