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Care. Plan. Prepare.

At LTC Advisors we look at the landscape of a client's life and family. We realize that there is no "one size fits all" approach and that health, wealth and a myriad of other factors contribute to the unique plan for each individual. While long term care insurance may be a perfect fit for one client, another may need to consider a reverse mortgage, while still another may need to think about asset reallocation.

LTC Advisors is a dynamic team of professionals whose clients' needs come first and foremost in everything we do. Whether we are helping a client to maximize their retirement income or to protect it, we focus on what is important to our client and their family. In addition, each member of our team has cared for a loved one and understands the true impact of long term care need. We have seen first hand how challenging and expensive long term care can become. Our goal is to prepare you, and those you love, for a secure retirement and to fulfill and protect your dreams for the future. We offer over 50 years combined experience. Our most important goal is preserving your peace of mind and making you a happy, life-long client.

We use many tools - long term care insurance, life insurance, annuities, LTC Funding, Medicare/Medicaid choices. We always encourage a frank discussion with family members. The question is, "Do you have a written plan?" Hope is never a plan and enjoyment of your "golden years" will increase with the knowledge you have protected those you love, while maintaining your independence and your choices.

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