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Sandra Wagner, BC-HIS is the proud owner of Personal Hearing Solutions. A Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in Florida and nationally board certified Sandra has 40 years of experience in the medical field and started working with hearing aids 20 years ago. She is dedicated to improving the hearing of her clients because it can improve the quality of their life. Hearing aids are a prosthetic device requiring proper fit and service to "rewire" the auditory system. This is a process which takes dedication and a trusting relationship between the patient and the Hearing Aid Specialist to ensure success. Sandra is very committed to her patients and takes the time and effort necessary to make the adjustments needed for a successful prosthetic fit. She state-of-the-art Video Otoscopic technology to inspect the inside of the ear canal and Audiometric test to evaluate damage to the eardrum or other conditions which may impact hearing. Call for a free hearing exam.

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