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522 S Hunt Club Blvd, #187, Apopka, Florida, USA 32703

Our desire to assist older adults and their families through the downsizing and relocating process to other living arrangements such as an assisted living facility (ALF) or nursing home came from personal experience. Our CEO had a close family friend that struggled with moving their mother into an ALF. They lived out of state and had to try to juggle arranging the proper care for their mother while trying to deal with getting the house fixed up so it would sell, finding an agent they could trust, listing the house as well as showing the property. The process took months and caused an untold amount of stress on everyone involved.

That became one of the pillars of the business model for Path Forward House Buyers - to help anyone facing a similar situation not to have to go through all the worry and stress caused by transitioning a loved one that needs to downsize or move to an ALF or nursing home. We would be honored to meet with you and discuss how we could best help you and your loved ones make the transition as worry free as possible.

We are a group of real estate professionals that buy properties throughout Florida and the southeast. We buy houses in any condition in any area. We fix them up and resell them to nice families, making our towns and cities a better place for everyone. We are especially proud of the work we do helping people in downsizing or transitioning to an assisted living facility (ALF) or a nursing home. We also work with people facing other challenges such as foreclosure, divorce, estate sale, job transfer, two house payments, bad tenants, vacant houses, inheritance of property, and more.

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