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Everywhere You Go.

When Electronic Caregiver was founded, we knew two things: one, there was an enormous market need for improved, technology based care and two, no one else in the industry had perfected health and safety monitoring. After 10 years of research and innovation, we are ranked as one of the top providers in the health and safety monitoring industry.

We’ve saved thousands of lives over the past ten years. We are committed to providing modern and unique health & wellness solutions for those who are actively aging, chronically ill and everywhere in between.

We’ll be there, everywhere you go. It's our promise to you.

The Electronic Caregiver Premier includes a Handheld Mobile Device and Wearable Wristband. Electronic Caregiver Premier utilizes both Global Positioning System (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) in order to find the user's current location. It has a highly sensitive microphone and high-output speakers with adjustable volume. During an emergency, the system is activated and our 24/7 EMT operators open a two-way, hands-free communication link with the customer. Our highly sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere the ECG Premier Handheld Mobile Device is, whether in your home or on the go. ECG Premier allows seniors the confidence to live longer, fully and safely. It offers a direct link medical concern button, 24/7 customized activity detection, long range water submersible emergency pendant that can be worn as a wrist pendant or necklace, 24/7 medication reminders, and 24/7 class B EMT monitoring with stay on the line service.

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