Charter Research

  1. Charter Research
1718 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, Florida, USA 32803
1025 Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages, Florida, USA 32162

Charter Research is a clinical research company with two locations in Orlando and The Villages, Florida.  Charter Research conducts clinical trials in many areas of medicine.  They are widely known and respected for their research in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and NASH.

Charter's mission is to advance medicine for healthier lives, and their team is comprised of talented individuals with many years (or decades) of clinical research experience.  Prior to starting Charter Research, the company owners helped build and grow one of the nation’s largest clinical research centers and then oversaw operations of one of the world’s largest clinical trials site networks.  This strong local company values the people who participate in their studies and works diligently to take great care of them.

Clinical research is where new, life-changing medicines begin. Every FDA-approved medicine you’ve taken (or provided to a loved one) started out in clinical research.

Charter Research's work is about discovering the future of medicine, and their research studies are on the forefront of science.  By joining a research study, you'll receive exceptional care and gain new medical insights at no cost to you.  You might possibly find relief, and your participation will help to advance new medical understandings.  Explore their open studies and call to see if you qualify.

1718 N. Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803

1025 Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages, FL 32162



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