Senior Living Options

Most of us want to remain independent throughout retirement and stay in control of where and how we live. But our ability to do so may depend upon our health and physical well-being. As we age, some things may become harder to do on our own. If our ability to live independently starts to decline and we need help with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care, it may be time to consider the options available for senior living.

We Can Help

Making a senior living decision is complex, but One Senior Place can help.

At One Senior Place you can visit Florida’s only Living Options Showroom and get information about dozens of area senior living communities to discover which option is right for you. We also offer the guidance of an experienced professional to help you understand your options.

One Senior Place offers a FREE 30-minute one-on-one consultation with someone who fully comprehends the personal goals and medical needs of seniors to make your situation less stressful. A One Senior Place Aging Services Manager can help you determine the level of care needed –AND put you in touch directly with the appropriate resources. Call 866-751-6771 today to schedule your free consultation.

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