School Board Candidate David Worrells, Ph.D

Why are you running?  I have 50 years of Aviation/Aerospace/Academic experience that I can apply to advise and guide Brevard Public Schools.

What qualifies you as the best candidate?  Resident of Brevard County for over 34 years. Eight-year veteran of the United States Air Force. 17-years in the Aviation/Aerospace industry. 25-years as a university professor.

What are your top 3 priorities if elected to office?  Ensure that all kids in Brevard county have access to quality education. Ensure all Brevard constituents are represented and served. Transparency in management and administration.

What programs would you like to see implemented to maintain or improve school scores?  I do not recommend any new programs at this time. I would suggest that all existing programs be properly monitored and improve where possible.

Will you support increased security measures in our schools, like arming school personnel (staff, admin, teachers) to keep our kids safe? I do not support bringing guns or other weapons into our schools. I do not believe that simply arming staff, administrators, and teachers will add to the safety of our kids.