Attorney Oscar Hotusing

Why do you want to become a judge?  Since an early age I have wanted to serve my country and my fellow citizens. Being a judge allows me to do that at a point when people are at their lowest.  Having the opportunity to resolve issues for individuals that they cannot resolve amongst themselves, is an honor.

How long have you been a resident of Brevard/Seminole County?  I have been a resident of Brevard County since January of 1994, 26 years.

What experience do you have as an attorney that makes you the best candidate?  I am the only candidate with experience from all perspectives of the judicial system. I spent 13 years as a prosecutor. I have spent 11 years in private practice practicing in all areas of the law, criminal, civil, family, probate. I am the only candidate that has prior judicial experience having spent two years as a Brevard County Court Judge. I am the only candidate to have served in the United States Army as a JAG officer for 10 years.

What would you like to see accomplished while you are in office?  A more streamlined process by which cases are heard and resolved in a timelier fashion.  Currently, cases are in the court system too long without resolution.  This causes a feeling that justice is not being served.  All parties suffer when cases take to long to resolve.

What is the most significant case you have worked on as a lawyer?  I was the Brevard County Court Judge that handled the criminal trial of former Florida representative Bob Allen.  This case received extreme media attention; in fact, it was the story of the year in 2008 per the Florida Today.

Short biography:  I was born in Miami, Florida. My parents were Panamanian immigrants. I am the first member of my family to have attended and graduated from a university. My legal experience consists of 13 years at the State Attorney Office, in which the final four years of my career were spent prosecuting sexual and child abuse cases.  I have two years of County Court Judge experience having served between 2007-2009 in Titusville, Florida. As a JAG officer for 10 years, I mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom two times. As a solo practitioner since 2009, I focus on criminal, family, probate, and civil litigation.