Attorney Marc Jones

Why do you want to become a judge?  I was inspired to become a judge. For the past few years, I have had colleagues, friends, and family all suggest that I have the experience and personality to make a good judge, and I was encouraged to consider it. My legal career has covered a broad spectrum of legal issues, and I have had the fortune of trying cases all over the State of Florida. Across the State, I have seen well-managed courtrooms and some not so well managed. I learned something from all of them. I can take that experience, along with the personal and professional experience I have gained over the years, and effectively serve my community as a circuit judge.

How long have you been a resident of Brevard/Seminole County?  I was born and raised in Seminole County. I have called Seminole home for over 45 years.

What experience do you have as an attorney that makes you the best candidate?  I had years of experience in the private sector before entering the legal field. As an attorney, I have had a comprehensive legal practice covering many areas of the law. My personal life experiences, common-sense approach to resolving matters, and my personality and temperament all combine to make me an ideal candidate for the judiciary.

What would you like to see accomplished while you are in office?  I intend to manage a courtroom with efficacy and respect for proper decorum and deliver equal and fair justice to all parties.

What is the most significant case you have worked on as a lawyer?  I have personally handled or participated in several high-profile cases. The most significant case I have been involved in was Koontz vs. St Johns Water Management District, which went before the US Supreme Court in 2013. I was one of several attorneys that worked on briefing the case and preparing it for oral argument.

Short biography: Marc is a native and life-long resident of Seminole County, Florida. Marc graduated from Oviedo High School and attended the University of Central Florida. He spent many successful years in the business world before deciding to obtain a legal education. Marc worked full time as a project manager for a Central Florida real estate developer while attending law school. While it wasn’t the easiest road, having the combination of real-world experience and legal training provided Marc with a unique insight and it has allowed him to better understand many of the challenges his clients encounter.